Reconquest by Ukraine

In the first week of September, Hakive, Isjum and another 20 localities were able to return to Ukrainian hands. Parts of these towns did not receive supplies because they were cut off from the world.

According to Ukraine, 443 graves were found – mostly of civilians. Some people died of hunger! The burials are said to have been done by local residents- moreover, Ukrainian soldiers found 10 torture rooms around Hakive. Is this already considered a war crime? After the Russian soldiers withdrew, power plants were shelled and fires were set, causing a major power outage. Putin called the withdrawal “regrouping.”

Agnes Stranck Zimmermann (FDP) called for “… an end to hesitation, weapons and good tanks like the Leopard. Americans and European countries expect us to put an end to the killing …”. Russia is said to be arresting Ukrainian spies and pretending weapons. Moreover, they also claim that the spies wanted to carry out attacks with the weapons! Putin does not comment on this.

Gustav Gressel (Russia expert): ,,This was the turning point in the Russia Ukraine conflict. Ukraine have lured by a deception many Russian troops to the south of Ukraine, so that they could attack the Russians in the east. Many soldiers on the Russian front are lost in the long run because they were surrounded by Ukrainian soldiers without food and ammunition. Maybe this is the big turning point”

By liberating the localities, Ukraine speaks of a breakthrough. Experts believe that further breakthroughs will succeed. (Sources: ZDF, Tagesschau and

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